Monday, May 18, 2009

Games for your HP Mini!

Apparently, Mini Laptops (aka Netbooks) have limited video capability, hence graphics-intensive games may not be a good idea on your HP Mini or any mini laptop for that matter. I haven't gone through any work arounds yet that would help optimize video performance however, I have the following tips:

a) Play Classic 90's Games!
This would be the likes of Diablo, Doom, LucasArts games and other games that you used to play under your old Pentium.

b) Play Online Java/Flash games!
Online games are always a good option when you're killing time so why not go to sites like Yahoo games, Facebook, and

c) Netbooks have Built In Webcams - Play webcam Games!
Try Googling for Web cam games or try this:

d) Play Emulators!
NES, SNES, and Genesis emulators work well with HP Minis and Netbooks! I just downloaded classic NES ROMs into my HP Mini 2140 and I've gained back my addiction to Punch-Out, Contra, and Double Dragon! You can just Google for the emulators! Don't ask me where to find the ROMs ;).

Hope I made your Netbook experience more worthwhile! Enjoy!

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